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The best time to buy a conservatory?

Conservatory Price QuoterThis is a question that bothers most homeowners who are considering having their home improved by increasing the size of the property with a conservatory, when is the best time to get the lowest prices and good deals?

If you consider ‘market forces’ when supply is plentiful and the demand is low, retailers tend to drop their prices or make extra special offers to tempt consumers to buy, this is also true to a large extent within the double glazing & conservatory industry and the most obvious season for low demand would be in the Autumn or Winter months.

Because of the lower numbers of customers in these months, the installers &manufacturers of double glazed conservatories, or orangeries may very well be tempted to offer better terms than they otherwise would when there are a lot of customers in the market.

You could take a look at this online guide for quotes & prices